– We will celebrate in November
– We’re getting new SSNs (won’t be called that)
– There will be martial law for a short time
– Electricity will not be off longer than 10 days
– Electricity is already free
– We are in a silent war

– Biden (actor) will step down
– Trump has the nuclear football
– General Flynn will be VP
– The soccer ball given to Trump by Putin did have the Clinton emails.
– Biden’s infrastructure bill will not pass
– Biden administration is not the government.
– Philadelphia will be one of the capitals of the US
– Vernon Jones is a snake
– Operation Warp Speed was a false flag
– Trump back this year
– Blue state governors being controlled by white hats
– Trump has been part of Q since the beginning
– Grassley will be president temporarily.
– Kayleigh McEnany will be in the new administration
– Kayleigh related to JFK
– Candace Owens will have a role in the new administration
– Trump is still the president
– Trump will undo everything Biden has done
– Trump will serve longer than 8 years
– Trump will be the world leader
– California will get rid of Newsome
– The 1st and 2nd Amendment will be preserved
– There will be a new constitution

Finance (QFS / NESARA)
– The Federal Reserve will be replaced by QFS/NESARA
– Prices will be stable before 2022
– Health insurance will change
– Free gas, water and electricity
– Silver will get up to over $10k an ounce
– Silver could go up to $50k – $100k an ounce
– No income tax
– All credit card debt forgiven
– Buy nothing but silver
– New retirement age will be lower
– QFS is real
– Big box stores will change
– Mortgages will be forgiven
– NESARA will allow currency exchanges
– Bitcoin will go to $0
– Property taxes will be drastically lower

– MedBeds will cure the vaccine
– MedBeds will not be available this year
– MedBeds cure cancer
– Longer life span
– MedBeds will be free
– MedBeds will cure all disease
– There will not be a waiting list for MedBeds

– Trump’s social network will replace Facebook
– Twitter will go down soon
– White hats are destroying GMO crops
– Free QPhones (new tech) or new SIM cards
– Facebook and Twitter will go down
– Direct energy weapon was used in Nashville
– Q used “Looking Glass”
– Q will post again
– The plan was to weaponize 5G, Q stopped it
– Internet will go down before EBS
– Trump’s twitter account coming back
– CERN is related to “Looking Glass”
– Free energy society
– Old cellphones will no longer work
– Amazon going down
– Quantum Phones will be free
– Steve Jobs is founder of the QPhone
– Time travel is real

– No vax mandates in 2022
– Shipping containers contain expiring vaccines.

Alive or Dead
– Biden (the real one) is dead
– Queen Elizabeth is dead
– The Pope is dead
– Princess Diana did not die in the car crash
– Princess Diana is dead
– Hilary is dead
– Both Podesta brothers are dead
– Bill Clinton is dead
– Pence is not alive
– George Soros is not alive (executed)
– Tom Hanks is not alive

– Steve Jobs is alive
– JFK Jr is alive
– George Floyd is alive
– Kappy is alive
– Ashli Babbitt is alive
– Epstein is alive

Flat Earth
– Top of Tesla Tower is a flat-earth model
– Shatner saw flat earth
– There is no inner earth
– Flat earth will be revealed in 2022

– Only some military tribunals will be televised.
– No military tribunals before Trump’s return
– Barr is involved in the tribunals
– Sydney Powell is involved in tribunals
– Fauci has been detained, will be arrested
– Pelosi is detained
– Assange will be released
– First (of 3 major) arrests will be politicians
– There will be a “suicide weekend”
– Milley will be arrested
– Justin Trudeau has been arrested

– Elon Musk is a whitehat
– God will be brought back into schools
– Denzel Washington is a whitehat
– Freemasons will be dismantled.
– Mel K, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes have no real intel
– Michelle Obama is a man
– The 13 military members were not killed in Afghanistan